Work better, together.

The personality assessment trusted by over 1M individuals and 10K+ organizations since 1975.
Working better, together


Get science-based personality assessment to maximize your success.

Personalysis provides a clear roadmap to help you appreciate, respect, and work with the dynamic differences that exist between people.

Deepen Your Understanding

Deepen Understanding

See yourself and others in a whole new way.

Find Common Ground


Enhance workplace interactions with a new language.

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Cultivate an environment that celebrates strengths and gets results.

Personalysis is a catalyst for richer conversations, stronger working relationships, and seamless collaboration.

Honor your own unique strengths, and leverage those of your colleagues.
Leave communication breakdowns in the past.
Learn techniques for working better —and growing—together.


How We Work

Move from surface-level relationships to collaborative partnerships.



Get your in-depth Personalysis profile and start learning more about yourself and your colleagues.



Work with our experts to uncover a new way of seeing strengths, needs, differences and wellbeing.


Use our insights to perform at your highest level, enhance workplace culture, and improve productivity.

See yourself and others in a completely different way.

Relationships can be tough to get right. But with Personalysis, you’ll have the one tool you need to help them develop naturally.

We’ll show you how people can better relate to one another using our science-based analysis.

Over the past 45 years, thousands of companies have used Personalysis as a springboard toward greater efficiency and meaningful collaboration.


Client Success Stories

At Personalysis, we know the best teams work like a well-oiled machine.

At Personalysis, we know teamwork isn’t a transaction. It’s an interaction.

You want to learn how to work better together and meet your goals.

But people are complicated and misunderstandings lead to frustration.

A simple quiz won’t give you the answers you need. That’s why Personalysis provides richer insights to understand yourself and others.

Our Team graphics reveal the collective behaviors and preferences at play so you can reduce roadblocks.

Start developing the healthy interactions your organization needs to succeed.







Here’s how we can help.

Personalysis Coaching

Team Sessions

Our team programs help improve collaboration, reduce unnecessary friction and find common ground so that everyone can perform at the highest level.
Team Sessions

Profile Consultations

Work with our coaches for deeper insights. We will help you understand why you do what you do, how to work more collaboratively with others and explore how you can routinely be and do your best.

Profile Consultations

Personalysis Leadership Coaching

Take your leadership to the next level through this personal development opportunity and change your approach to human interaction.

Personalysis Certification

Personalysis Certification

We work with organizations to certify coaches and facilitators to administer and interpret Personalysis results. Also available to independent consultants.