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Frequently asked questions

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Personalysis was founded upon the belief that human beings are not either/or creatures. We can be outgoing sometimes and quiet at other times – or highly active and then thoughtful/contemplative. A simple trait or label doesn’t capture the richness inherent in personality. So, our founder, James Noland, created a different kind of personality assessment.

The Personalysis Profile uses a simple, straightforward framework to identify three distinct parts of personality to offer a picture of your personality in action. The Personalysis Profile will identify the behaviors you most prefer to use – and it tells you when you will use them. The Personalysis Profile captures the diversity within a personality. It offers a more complete view of you and gives a new whole-person perspective to personality.

All human beings share a common operating system: patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that make up their personalities. However, no two people are exactly alike; everyone has a unique collection of characteristics, drives, and motivations.

Personalysis offers you a way to better understand your personality and to identify your dynamic pattern of strengths and needs, which may be very different at times. It offers insights about where and when you have the most and least energy, helping you use your gifts to succeed both personally and professionally.

The use of colors provides a quick and memorable way to describe your needs, strengths and behavior. Each color represents specific tendencies, drives, and natural motivations. Since individuals are made up of a combination of behaviors, we use color combinations as an easy way to describe the complexity of human personality.

(While each color trait is distinct, all colors are inherently equal in value. Attempting to rank the colors is like trying to rank the five senses. Each is important and valuable for its own sake. The best colors for you are the colors in your profile because they are the only colors that will work for you.)

There is no such thing as an objective ideal personality profile. The Personalysis Profile is a self reporting assessment. That means that there are no right or wrong answers. If you answer honestly, using what you know to be true about yourself, then the results should be perfect for you.


Personalysis helps individuals by facilitating strategic self-awareness. Understanding your underlying style traits and core motivation helps you learn to manage your strengths to increase personal and professional success.

To get the most out of the assessment results we encourage each assessment participant to:

• Meet with a Personalysis Coach to discuss the potential implications of the results.
• Reflect on the information gained through the assessment experience.
• Leverage that information to facilitate ongoing development.
• Share the information with co-workers or partnerships to enhance cooperation and true understanding.

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