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Develop your capacity to understand people

With Personalysis Certification you’ll gain a proven framework that can be used across all industries and organizational levels – CEO to frontline.

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Discover the secrets of the Personalysis framework to broaden your perspective on why people do what they do. Expand your knowledge and your impact.

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Use Personalysis to help people make constructive use of personality differences and
develop the capacity to work
better together.


Gain access to our community of practice where we share and learn from like-minded practitioners.

Join our growing ranks of consultants who use Personalysis to help people reach their full potential

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Corporate Practitioners - HR and OD Partners and Coaches

Help your organization use Personalysis to enrich all of your learning and development programs. Build a culture that celebrates personality strengths and honors individual differences.

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Independent Consultants

Gain a competitive advantage with a framework backed by 45 years of experience.

Use our powerful individual and team graphics to jump start your next consulting engagement.

The Certification


Our program offers a comprehensive overview of the Personalysis system along with tips and tools to help you quickly begin using the Personalysis Profile. The design allows you to review video content at your convenience and participate in facilitated webinars to deepen and expand your knowledge. After successfully completing the requirements of this program, you will be certified to administer and interpret Personalysis profiles. You will also have access to our graphic illustrations that will help you and your clients quickly see their personality as a complete and dynamic picture; making it easy to compare styles and assess both similarities and differences.


What's Included

Access to our exclusive Practitioner Resource Center

Access to our exclusive Practitioner Resource Center with workshop materials, video tutorials, and tools

Workshop starter packet

Workshop starter packet

Personalysis Certification Program Materials

Personalysis Certification Program Materials

Inclusion in the Personalysis Practitioner learning community

Inclusion in the Personalysis Practitioner learning community

3 free Personalysis Profiles

Practice Profiles

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Create meaningful change with lasting impact

With Personalysis, you can help people understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, constructive, and positive working relationships – even across virtual boundaries.


Go further faster with Personalysis

Use the Personalysis Profile as a springboard to your coaching and training offers.  It will help you to immediately identify strengths and provide you with a framework to constructively engage differences.

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