One Personality Assessment, Endless Growth

Achieve full potential in your organization, team, or leader – one personality assessment at a time.

A New Perspective on Personality

Instead of defining your personality with a single label or type, the Personalysis provides a full picture of your personality in different situations. You’ll get a clear view of 3 distinct and separate aspects of your personality.

With the Personalysis Profile, you’ll learn how to:

Comprehensive Personality Test Results

See how the Personalysis Profile empowers you and your team to reach your fullest potential.

Common Language

A simple, straightforward framework and terminology to create a common language to express intent and need.

Exceptional Graphics

Instant recognition and recall from our individual and team graphics that quickly and clearly illustrate similarities and differences.

Solid Science

A psychometric tool based on proven psychology to help people understand themselves, understand others, and make the most of the relationships that affect them in the workplace.

The Ultimate Instrument for Unparalleled Growth

Create a strong foundation for positive change and success – with our comprehensive personality assessment.

Unique and Liberating Profile

Actionable Insights

Proven Track Record

A Scientifically-Backed Personality Assessment

Since 1975, Personalysis has played a vital role in enhancing self-awareness, team building, leadership development, and personal or professional growth.

Reviewed, Tested, and Proven for Over 50 Years

With more than 50 years of rigorous testing by expert researchers, Personalysis stands as a reliable and effective instrument for the workplace.

It’s not just another personality test; it’s a scientifically-backed tool that’s been precisely measuring personality traits and accurately predicting behavior and performance – for decades.

When you choose Personalysis, you’re opting for a verified personality test that’s trusted by millions worldwide.


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Is Personalysis Valid?

To prove Personalysis’ validity, multiple studies were conducted to identify how well the assessment tool predicts behavior and performance. The methodology of these studies was compiled into a white paper, which concluded that Personalysis was valid in measuring personality traits.

This white paper answers the question “Is Personalysis valid?” with a resounding yes – by outlining data quality control, the demographics of the study group, and how Personalysis measures against other personality tests.

Rise Above Challenges and Achieve Success

From our original personality assessment, you’ll receive multi-dimensional results. You’ll discover:

After that, we’ll provide 1-on-1 support – empowering you to use Personalyis to maximize your potential.

Understanding Your Personalysis Profile

The unique framework of Personalyis combines your personality traits and motivations – to create a detailed portrait of what makes you, you.

Personalysis Profile

The Personalysis Profile maps your results using Colors and Dimensions. The Colors describe the characteristics of your trait strengths while the Dimensions reveal the context in which you identify with and use those strengths.

Combining them produces an original profile of your motivators and resulting behaviors. This holistic view accounts for why your behavior changes in different circumstances.

Personalysis Colors

Personalysis measures four overarching personality traits, color-coded as Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

While everyone shares a basic need for all four of the color traits, Personalysis uses a numerical scale to identify the intensity of need within each dimension. The trait intensity is measured on a numerical scale from 0.0 –6.0.

Personalysis Dimensions

Personalysis identifies three distinct motivational contexts referred to as Dimensions: Preferred, Social, and Instinctive.

Your Dimensions reveal when you tend to behave a certain way and why.

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