Create Better Team Collaboration

Teaming isn’t a transaction.
It’s an interaction.

Understanding your team’s unique personality, helps your team get results and get along. Sometimes, our individual  strengths and styles can work against us, and it can be challenging to motivate your team into action without understanding your each other.

For nearly 50 years, the Personalysis assessment has been trusted by leaders and organizations to illuminate the path towards working better, together.

The Personalysis Assessment helps individuals identify their contribution, communication, and decision-making styles. Taking it a step further, we can also help you understand your team’s unique personality and identify strategies to achieve better team collaboration and employee engagement.

At Personalysis, we take the complexities of human behavior on teams and explain them in a relevant and insightful  report paired with interactive consultation that will provide you with comprehensive understanding of yourself and others.

Deepen connection, evolve conversations, and infuse collaboration.

Personalysis is the framework you need to achieve a better team dynamic.

a new diverse team coming together

Newly Formed Teams

A Jumpstart for working together. Great for reorganization, acquisitions, and integrating new team members. Minimize the trial and error of getting to know each other through our team collaboration tools.

a tight-knit hybrid team working together

Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Teams

Improve business results by enhancing collaboration and communication on your team with our personality assessment and Teaming Together workshops.

team collaboration services

Team Communication

Overcome communication challenges and embrace clearer conversations by strengthening the bonds that lead to greater understanding and appreciation of each other’s interaction styles.

team collaboration tools

Team Collaboration

Elevate your team’s performance by creating an inclusive work environment where each person understands and leverages contribution styles of every  team member.


a team of proud nurses

Let’s discuss your team’s goals and challenges.

Learn more about how The Personalysis Assessment and our customized teaming workshops can help your team reach its full potential.

Four Habits of Winning Teams

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Enjoy the benefits of our 45 years of working with Teams.

Our expertise will provide you simple applications that can deliver significant results.


Personalysis offers perspective on current workplace team challenges.

Learn from our deep experience with Teams how to:

  • create greater cohesion in virtual settings,
  • celebrate strengths to increase team bonding and trust,
  • constructively use differences as a winning team strategy.