Leadership Development

Elevate The Way You Live and Lead

Maximize your leadership potential and create an empowering work environment in which your employees feel valued, understood, and motivated to contribute individually and together.

The Personalysis Executive Intensive Program is a transformative leadership experience.

Getting results with and through others has two components: processes and people.

Effectively managing processes requires increasing your knowledge and skills of systems that create standardization, compliance, and consistent execution.

The other skill set, leading people, requires a deep awareness of yourself, the capacity to understand and influence others, and the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships.

It isn’t surprising that many of the most common leadership derailers stem from an inability to develop relationships and create the conditions where others feel seen, valued, and able to contribute their best, individually and together.

For nearly 50 years Personalysis has been partnering with top organizational leaders and offering a proven framework for comprehensive understanding of self and others that leads to more effective leadership and organizational success.

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Expand your understanding of your unique leadership style including how you impact your team, how you are being perceived and what factors increase your confidence and influence.

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Explore the importance and impact of relationships on your success as a leader. Discover the three key factors that determine the quality of your relationships.

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Develop an influential leadership style by creating a work environment that maximizes results on the foundation of respect, equity, and appreciation of others.

Our Executive Intensive Program is designed for leaders who are committed to personal development and desire to increase their impact and influence.

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Take your leadership to the next level

Become an influential and impactful leader by leveraging your understanding of yourself and others.

“Personalysis has given me the insights, understanding and appreciation of the most significant people in my life.”
– Dan C., VP HR, Automotive

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New to the Organization

Learn key insights into your new relationships to accelerate your leadership impact.

“I can truly say that no other information has been as practically helpful to me as that which I received through the Personalysis assessment and the interpretation of its findings.”
– Robert W., President, Retail

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New Team

Build an unstoppable team by discovering what everyone on your new team needs from you to collaborate and communicate effectively.

“Personalysis programs are a great asset in building the right team for any organization.”
– Bill L., Chairman, Manufacturing

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New Executive

Maximize your success by identifying practices to consistently collaborate, motivate, and inspire others.

“Personalysis is the best leadership and people development tool that exists.”
– Ken M., VP HR, Information Technology


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Meet with one of our Leadership Development experts to discuss how to elevate your leadership style with Personalysis.