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Work better, together

Today, most people work in team environments – often matrixed and virtual. Research shows that a diversity of personality styes leads to better decision-making and greater productivity. To be effective, unique personalities often need support to make constructive use of their differences in a team setting. Personalysis has been providing that support since 1975.

Development and recognition

Personalysis Corporation believes that all individuals want to grow. Growth permits individuals to find meaning in life and to achieve their potential, to become both personally and professionally successful. We believe that there are some fundamental principles, practices and tools that make a big difference – and it starts with understanding the basics of your personality with the Personalysis Profile.

Employee retention

Companies benefit when the needs, expectations, and aspirations of the people who make up the organization are addressed. By linking the values, motives, and preferences of employees to organizational goals, work becomes more meaningful and engaging. The Personalysis Profile provides key insights that can lead to greater work satisfaction.


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