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Reviewed. Tested. Proven For Nearly 50 Years.

Since its inception, Personalysis has been tested and verified to ensure accuracy. The validity of this personality assessment tool is further backed by over a million individuals who have taken the assessment, testifying to its effectiveness. Also, Personalysis has been tested and proven for nearly 50 years, long enough to establish its validity and reliability in the workplace.

The Personalysis reliability testing white paper compiles several of the most recent psychometric studies that evaluate Personalysis reliability and validity and also establishes the efficacy of Personalysis in accurately predicting behavior and performance. By answering the question, “Is Personalysis viable?”, it is clear that Personalysis is both valid and viable, with decades of scientific research and real-world experience to back it up.

Is Personalysis Valid?


In use for over 50 years, the Personalysis Assessment is a proprietary and scientific personality test used for self-awareness, team awareness and the personal or professional development action(s) that arise from such insight. It is used to provide working adults with the essential understanding that helps them identify and describe their behavior at work.

Several safeguards are in place to make sure that personality tests measure what they say they measure and do so over an extended period in a repeatable way. This is called validity and reliability. The goal of our personality assessment is to measure personality traits in three dimensions of motivation: preference (the work activities you enjoy), social (connection style and expectations), and instinctive (core needs for confidence and certainty).

Personalysis is committed to providing our clients with an assessment that is backed by impressive science. To that end, we worked with expert researchers to put our assessment to the test. These researchers performed a deep evaluation of the Personalysis Assessment. They looked at validity (does it measure what we say it does), reliability (does it do that over time), and comparison (does our assessment measure personality as compared to other similar tools).


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The Measurement Tools: Reliability & Validity

Reliability in tests refers to the consistency of results. Personalysis is reliable, as it has been proven to deliver consistent results when taken multiple times over some time. It is important to note that its reliability can be improved further by taking the assessment more frequently, as this will give a more accurate picture of personality traits.

Validity in tests refers to whether the test measures what it aims to measure. Personalysis is valid because it has been scientifically developed and tested to accurately identify personality traits. This means that when people take Personalysis, they are getting an accurate portrayal of their personality type. 

The Science of Personalysis

Validity testing is defined as the process of verifying that a measure accurately assesses what it is intended to measure. To prove Personalysis’ validity, multiple studies were conducted to identify how well the assessment tool could predict behavior and performance. The methodology of these studies was compiled into a white paper, which concluded that Personalysis was valid in measuring personality traits.

This white paper answers the question “Is Personalysis valid?” with a resounding yes, by outlining data quality control, the demographics of the study group and how Personalysis measures against other personality tests.

Can Personalysis Be Trusted?

Personalysis is based on an integration of multiple theories, including cognitive psychology, psychometrics and behavioral economics. The purpose of this integration is to provide a tool that accurately reflects the way people work, allowing people to increase their awareness and understanding of themselves and others.

This white paper summarizes the theoretical basis of Personalysis and showcases how personality is a multi-dimensional construct and provides evidence for its validity,

Personalysis was designed to be used in the workplace and has proven a valuable partner to organizations in talent, team and leadership development for nearly 50 years. You can trust Personalysis because we know people.

Once organizations have unlocked their potential, Personalysis can become a valuable tool in the workplace.

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Not All Personality Tests Are Created Equal

While there are many personality tests available on the Internet, many are social media-type quizzes that offer simple results. 

On the other hand, Personalysis is an assessment tool specifically designed for working people and has been widely applied in organizations as a powerful tool that helps with relationships, communication, teamwork and leadership development. It goes far beyond a simple personality test. It has the accuracy and the nuance necessary to provide powerful insights into why people do what they do.

Personalysis Is More Than Just An Assessment

Personalysis is used in a variety of applications, including individual development, a support to job performance evaluation such as 360 assessments, teamwork, onboarding and leadership development. It is an effective tool that organizations can use to improve their employee performance and assess the success of organizational initiatives. Ultimately, Personalysis is worth the investment for any organization that wants to increase its overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Is Personalysis Worth It?

Personalysis also takes it a step further by providing post-assessment support in the form of coaching and professional development that enables individuals to identify areas for improvement and capitalize on their strengths. This feature makes Personalysis an indispensable asset as it provides an organization with the tools necessary to maximize its potential.

From helping you build a well-aligned team to improving individual performance, Personalysis is here to help. Investing in Personalysis allows you to maximize the potential of your organization from the assessment stage and beyond, making it more than worth its cost.

Work With Better Tools

Personalysis is a powerful tool that can help organizations become more successful and efficient. It has been tested, proven and used in the workplace for decades, which makes it a reliable and viable tool for organizational development. With its accuracy and validity, Personalysis surpasses the mere question of “is Personalysis real?” as it provides a valid and viable solution for improving employee performance.

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