The Personalysis Assessment Science



In use for over 40 years, the Personalysis Assessment is a proprietary and scientific personality test used for self-awareness, team awareness and the personal\professional development action(s) that arise from such insight. It is used to provide working adults with essential understanding that helps them identify and describe their behavior at work.

There are several safeguards that are in place to make sure that personality tests measure what they say they measure and do so over an extended period in a repeatable way. This is called validity and reliability. The goal of our personality assessment is to measure personality traits in three dimensions of motivation: preference (the work activities you enjoy), social (connection style and expectations), and instinctive (core needs for confidence and certainty).

Personalysis is committed to providing our clients with an assessment that is backed by impressive science. To that end, we worked with expert researchers to put our assessment to the test. These researchers performed a deep evaluation of the Personalysis Assessment. They looked at validity (does it measure what we say it does), reliability (does it do that over time), and comparison (does our assessment measure personality as comparably to other similar tools).


Bottom Line

If you want a personality assessment you can trust that is backed by empirical evidence, Personalysis is the right one for you, your teammates, and colleagues.

Below is a short overview of the research. For those who want more you can access our technical reports:

• High-level overview of the research here
• Evaluation of how the research was conducted here
• Personalysis Theoretical Basis here

Reliability and Validity of The Personalysis Assessment

Our Assessment is Valid
Assessments should be valid. In other words, if you take a test that says it will help you know something, the result of that test should be the very thing it tells you it is going to measure. Our researchers measured how valid the Personalysis Assessment is using two things: construct validity and construct validity comparison. Construct validity determines whether a test measures the traits it intends to measure. Construct validity comparison looks at other tests that measure similar things (in our case personality traits) to see how one test compares to another. The Personalysis assessment has strong construct validity and construct validity comparison. This shows the Personalysis Assessment reliably measures what it says it does and does so as well or better than other similar tests.  Read more here.

Our Assessment is Reliable
Assessments should also show strong reliability. This demonstrates that they consistently and dependably measure the same things over time. Several independent research studies, were performed on the Personalysis Assessment in the following areas:

  • Internal Consistency (does each unique questions in the test measure what it is supposed to compared to other test questions that are supposed to measure the same thing)
  • Test-Retest Reliability (if you take the test more than once will you get the same result over time)
  • Classification Consistency (will you have a similar typed personality profile each time you take the test)

The results of these tests are very positive. Clear evidence that the Personalysis Assessment results are reliable.  Read more here.