Team Facilitation

Whether you are an independent consultant looking to grow your business and enhance your offerings or are your company’s internal Personalysis expert, our program is specially designed for certified practitioners like you, who are looking to engage larger groups.

Teams have personalities too, and with our training, you’ll be equipped to analyze and enhance team dynamics effectively.

Join us and the 10K+ companies using Personalysis.

Comprehensive Training

Learn to guide teams in enhancing their collaboration, communication, and contribution by using our unique Team Profile. Gain the knowledge of how to incorporate the Team Profile with the individual team member profile in your Team Facilitation sessions.

Our training expands into critical areas such as conflict resolution, change management, and stress reduction in the workplace.

Over 1 million assessments and counting

Join countless leaders and organizations leaving confusion and misunderstanding in the past.


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Ready To Use Material

Gain access to the team facilitation slide deck template, checklists, and handouts. Unlock exclusive access to two unique tools in the Personalysis Interactive system that will make organizing and preparing materials for your team facilitation a breeze.

At the click of a button, you can create the Team Color Sheet and a PDF of a Team Profile eBook created with the profile information for your team.

Real-World Application

Work through case studies to master the interpretation and explanation of team profiles.

Exclusive Benefits


The training is fully virtual, allowing you to engage with the content and review materials at your own pace. Listen to recorded modules and access training resources whenever and wherever you prefer!

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What Customers Are Saying

Personalysis has helped us to build more productive teams by creating greater self-awareness and encouraging the understanding of others. The insight gained by using Personalysis helps to establish an environment of greater respect, value, and appreciation of individual differences.