The Personalysis Assessment Framework

Colors and Dimensions of the Personalysis Profile

Unique to the Personalysis Profile is the dynamic interplay of personality traits and motivational forces providing a rich portrait of an individual. The Personalysis Profile maps results to Colors and Dimensions. The colors describe the characteristics of trait strengths; the dimensions reveal the context in which a person identifies with and uses those strengths.

Personalysis Assessment Colors

Personalysis measures four overarching personality traits. For simplicity, the traits are color coded, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green and referred to as Colors. While everyone shares a basic need for all four of the color traits, Personalysis uses a numerical scale to identify the intensity of need within each dimension. The trait intensity is measured on a numerical scale from 0.0 –6.0.

Personalysis Assessment Dimensions

Just as important as classifying the distinct personality traits, is the need to identify the motivating force behind those behaviors. Personalysis identifies three distinct motivational contexts referred to as Dimensions: Preferred, Social, and Instinctive. They reveal when we tend to behave a certain way and why.When the Colors and Dimensions are combined the result is an original profile that captures both the basis motivation and the resulting behavior. This integration provides a more wholistic view of personality and accounts for why behavior changes based upon changing circumstances.